Anna Misiak - Terenkoczy

Conference interpreter and sworn translator of English

My present job was born out of my passion and childhood dreams. I already knew then that I would like to become a Polish-English interpreter and meet people from different countries and cultures.

Scope of my services:

Conference interpreting

I have been doing it for fifteen years covering different branches. I have the so-called “radio voice” which sounds good in headphones. The audience, when listening to my interpreting, have a feeling that everything has been properly transferred to them.

Interpreting of business meetings

It is also related to doing interpreting of training sessions and visits in industrial plants. I can usually effectively understand the atmosphere of the meeting. When doing my job I seem invisible to the clients on the one hand, and very helpful on the other.

Wedding ceremonies

I can understand the solemn atmosphere of the event and make my work and presence at the ceremony stress the unigue character of the moment.

Notarial acts

I perform interpreting of notarial acts in an efficient and quick way (contracts of sale, powers of attorney, articles of association of companies, etc.)

Practical driving tests

Before the exam I provide the candidate with a list of necessary vocabulary, and during the exam I make sure both parties understand each other correctly.

Certified and regular translation

Translation of birth, marriage certificates and various types of contracts, documents, offers, web pages and other contents.